Hello Kickstarters!

Here is how to download the digital box set APPLE LOSSLESS version:

Look up at the top left of this window. There's a little "Redeem" button. See it? It's small, I know.

When you click it, a new window pops up and asks you to enter your unique code. That's the one that I emailed to you.

[Before you click, just a head's up – it's a really big file (3.35Gigs) It's the box set's audio in Apple lossless format, plus the artwork and booklet.]

Enter your code, click "Enter" and then click "Download" when prompted. The box set will begin downloading automatically. 

Thanks so much for your support in the Kickstarter campaign! I hope you love the box set. 

If you have any comments, questions or technical difficulties, please get in touch! (through Kickstarter please)

Thanks again,